Successful potty training for child

How to potty training for child is a headache for parents. But, the following steps can help you do that with half the effort.


First: why potty training for child

Helpful to prevent “habitual bed-wetting”

Babies of baby diapers will gradually form the habit of “ready for defecation”. Once the supply is stopped, they are likely to wet the bed at night. In fact, when babies are 18 months old, parents can try to potty training for their child. After 3 years old, parents should gradually reduce the use of baby diapers, which is helpful to develop the storage capacity of bladder.

Second: when potty training for child

The training should not be given until babies grow old enough. In the first months after birth, peeing is frequent without regular basis and babies have no control on peeing. As said in previous chapter, when babies are 18-24 months old, nervous system of brain has grown mature and starts to sense an engorged bladder and rectum. When babies desire to defecate, they will ask for bed pan.
Parents may try to potty training them. (Real test starts for the parents who just go through their internship.)

Third: roles in training

Baby should be the main body of training. The training should be progressive with baby as the main body. That is baby should be given leading role while parents concentrate on various preparations. During the training, babies should be allowed to practice step by step. For babies of shy personality, parents should give more encouragement instead of punishment. Parents need to give more patience to adaptive training of babies, for example, telling a short story when babies are not willing to stay on bed pan, so that babies can gradually sit longer on the bed pan. In a word, parents need to be patient and should not give too much pressure on babies; otherwise, they would feel scared and hold the bladder and bowel movements.

Fourth: get baby potty trainer ready

Firstly, babies must be introduced to “bed pan”. To do something well, you must have sharp tool. Parents need to get baby potty available and have babies accept it.

Parents need to introduce the potty trainer to babies just like introducing a new friend or toy. Tell babies to observe and touch the potty to get familiar with it. Encourage them to sit on it for a while every day and even with trousers at the beginning. Put the faeces to the potty from diaper while babies are watching, so that babies will gradually understand the concept and function of potty trainer.

Fifth: Boys and girls are different

Though times are different now, boys and girls are always different. Mothers must read the following content.

1. How to Start Potty train a boy

How to instruct baby boys to relieve the bowels? At the beginning, no matter baby boys or baby girls, mothers are suggested to have baby sit on the bed pan first, on which they are free to pee or defecate. During the growth process of large and small intestines, babies are unable to control the sequence of bladder and bowel movements and usually complete the both at a time. As long as your baby boy knows the bed pan is the place for pee and shit, for a while, he will like to play “peeing on the feet”, “peeing without a direction” or “shooting as far as possible”.

This should not be blamed because babies have much curiosity. He will be pleased with the new ability he has learnt and become intoxicated in the games like that. But, parents should be more patient to clear what he has left. When they are used to use the bed pan and develop sufficient patience and attention, parents can start to instruct them to “shoot more precisely”. It is better to set up an example for them and play some games now and then, for example, placing the enemy he hates into the bed pan, like “witch” or “destroyer”, and then asking the baby to shoot.

For baby girl, it would be a little more complicated. Mothers of little princess should not miss the following content.

2. How to Start Potty train a girl

Precautions in instructing baby girls to relieve the bowels themselves

As mentioned above, many baby girls intend to pee on the feet just like what their father or other boys do. At this time, mother does not have to explain something and just lets the fact prove that it would be uncomfortable to pee on the feet and trousers would be wetted, and little angle would be no longer beautiful….

After several attempts, little princess would have no interest in that. At this time, mother can inform mom also sits to pee and this would not get the beautiful trousers and shoes dirty, and it would be more pleasant to sit, which boys would admire.

★ No complicated trousers for baby girls

An important matter to train baby girls to relive the bowels is that do not dress them in complicated trousers and clothes and it would be difficult for them to take off. Baby usually tells mother she wants to pee until she can no longer hold. As she becomes nervous at that time and finds it hard to control, if the trousers cannot be taken off, pant wetting is certain.

Many mothers like to dress babies in beautiful trousers and clothing. However, for baby girls who are learning to take off trousers and relieve the bowels, mothers should identify which should be given priority.

★ Toilet paper should be wiped from front to back after toilet.

It is easier to train a baby girl than baby boy. But, mothers should remember to tell baby girls to wipe the anus from front to back after toilet. This is important because there are many kinds of bacteria sources at anus, the movement from back to front would be likely to cause genitals infections. This is not kidding.

Training the baby to relieve the bowels on their own and form a good habit is an important step and learning process for their life. This process can not only help baby to form a good hygiene practice, but also help him to establish confidence and self esteem. This will have great effect on the mental growth and development of baby in the future.


PS: parents can complete all the videos in the head page where there are more detailed introductions and instructions. You will like it just like other parents.